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The energy team at the Magnetic Technologies Company deals with the complex sector of energy production and the wide heating infrastructure, where applications of magnetology can translate into substantial economic and social benefits, ultimately leading to lower energy costs for the end consumer. The powermagtm and energomagtm are the tailor made product ranges.

One of the applications is at a thermal power plant with a view to changing the properties of working substance (water) by means of magneto-hydrodynamic (MH) resonance, which enables an increase of thermodynamic efficiency till 8%, decreases fuel consumption till 15% & reduces air emissions till 23%.

In heat distribution systems, use of magnetic apparatus is a recognized method of avoiding solid deposits in the pipeline network, which same is included in the construction code of many countries. In addition, it also dramatically increases the efficiency of the heat exchange devices, reduces corrosion and prolongs the longevity of the infrastructure, increasing periods between repairs.